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Chapter X with Michael Kay

Jul 28, 2021

While early retirement might seem like a dream for many during their career, for some, it’s not a choice. After being faced with an unexpected retirement, today’s guest exemplifies inner strength and resolve as he navigates the transition to life after work. 


A full two years separated from full-time employment,...

Jul 21, 2021

Every month I host Zoom get together for Chapter X, where we share some stories and gain insight from one another. As today’s guest has become a regular participant, I’ve had the privilege of learning more about his unconventional path. 


Peter Emhke has navigated changes that prove there are many opportunities out...

Jul 14, 2021

Every experience, good or bad, teaches us another lesson in life. With age comes the wisdom we’ve developed from exploring—and refining—our perspective over the years, according to today’s guest. 


In this episode, I’m joined by functional medicine pioneer and sleep expert, Dr. Frank Lipman. His latest book,

Jul 7, 2021

It takes a great deal of courage to start something new. We crave routines because they give us comfort, but making a commitment to try new things just might empower you to go after what’s important to you.

Today you’ll hear from Harvey Lewis as he shares his inspiring journey of struggles and success. As he makes a...